The Apple Always Falls

“Can you help my child?”

I’ve been asked this quite a number of times. The honest answer is I don’t know. I can tell you I assume I can because of the things I have seen. My faith in specific chiropractic is rock solid. The science and philosophy of it made sense to me the first time I heard it but words and diagrams only get you so far. You have to experience things to truly believe in them. Someone can explain gravity, you can remember 9.8 m/s as the speed of gravity, you can even drop something and watch it fall to the ground but until the first time you fall and it hurts you don’t truly understand gravity.

When I first started in practice (I shared this in a previous blog check it out here) my first group of patients were autistic children. I believed I could help but until I saw the incredible results it wasn’t part of my foundation.

I want to share a few stories with you that will give you an insight into why when asked “can you help my child”, I’m thinking I bet I can.

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What can we learn from decaying teeth?

What can we learn from decaying teeth?

How many of you would consider never taking your children to the dentist?

Most everyone answers NO WAY.

Why not?

Because they will get cavities and their teeth will rot.

We can all agree on that one I think. You brush your teeth daily and a few times a year we go to the dentist and get our teeth cleaned and checked for cavities.

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Chiropractic and Autism

How in the world can chiropractic help with autism? It sounds crazy right? Well, hear me out.

When I was opening my first practice I researched local groups to find places to speak. I of course, wanted to “get the word out” about my practice but also share information about chiropractic. I found several area Autism support groups. I heard so many testimonials from other docs and their patients and the science behind why it could help began to make sense. So, off I went to speak to the groups.

A little bit to my surprise when I finished my talk a large number of parents came up front and requested appointments for their children. I thought I must have really knocked it out of the park on that talk. I was feeling really good about myself. After I got to know them I realized maybe I wasn’t as great as I thought. What I realized was these parents were desperately trying to get help. I saw what they saw.  A shining light in the kids eyes that was struggling to get out.Continue reading

Is it safe to adjust babies?


Often after people are educated and understand why little ones need chiropractic a new issue arises. The actual adjustment is a major concern for most parents. They picture a big twist and pop of a little neck. In reality (at least in my office) the adjustment for adults is very gentle and precise and it is the same or even less for kids. For babies it is an extremely light touch that they won’t even feel. In all cases the adjustment doesn’t involve any twisting or jerking of the neck.


Let’s take the top bone in the neck for example. It weighs less than an ounce. When realigned specifically it takes almost no force whatsoever.  Just a simple little move that places the bone back where it belongs.


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Why would babies/kids need a chiropractor?

I get asked this question frequently. “Babies don’t have bad backs why would they need a chiropractor?” “How do I know if their back hurts?” and many others.


Let’s go back to the beginning and I’ll ask a question in return. Most any woman that’s had a baby knows it’s not exactly a beautiful gentle process. It’s a big baby being squished through a small space. That generally requires a bit of pulling and tugging to get the baby out. A c-section is even more pressure.

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