Is it safe to adjust babies?


Often after people are educated and understand why little ones need chiropractic a new issue arises. The actual adjustment is a major concern for most parents. They picture a big twist and pop of a little neck. In reality (at least in my office) the adjustment for adults is very gentle and precise and it is the same or even less for kids. For babies it is an extremely light touch that they won’t even feel. In all cases the adjustment doesn’t involve any twisting or jerking of the neck.


Let’s take the top bone in the neck for example. It weighs less than an ounce. When realigned specifically it takes almost no force whatsoever.  Just a simple little move that places the bone back where it belongs.



What is the follow up?


This question is hard to answer as everyone is different. People respond at different speeds and have varied trauma histories. In general the younger the better as issues haven’t been around as long.

If a misalignment has been around for 40 years it will take longer to undo the damage and thus will require more follow up visits. On the other hand if a baby is 2 months old then we have only 2 months to deal with.


Generally babies can be adjusted and seen once a week for a few weeks to monitor then it can be spaced out to once a month for a while then a few times a year in the absence of new trauma.


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